Board of Directors

President    Kathy Rosenblum    
Immediate Past President    Gordon Manning    
Vice President, Finance & Admin.    David Schultz    
Vice President, Congreg. Affairs    Allen Rosenfeld    
Vice President, Education    Cheryl Kasof    
Vice President, Membership    Janice Hirshon    
Secretary    Judy Zeprun Kalman    
Treasurer    Iris Kraus    
Director    Shari Bedar    
Director    Rob Blumberg    
Director    Steven Goldstein    
Director    Howard Jacobson    
Director    Jason Fromer    
Director    Dan Schwartz    
Director    Allison Orenstein    
Director    Jennifer Pfeiffer    
Director    Ondine Cohn Sasdi    
Director    Deb Shrier    
Director    Eileen Samberg    

You can find phone numbers for Board members in the membership directory.

Want to know more about what is happening with the synagogue, what the Board discusses, what some of our volunteers do, or how we are trying to bring relational Judaism and connection to our congregation? One way to keep informed is to read the Annual Report and minutes from the Board meetings and our committees. Another way to keep informed is to attend Board meetings, usually held the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm. All congregation members are welcome.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, Annual Reports, our Bylaws, and our Policies can be found in our File Library. The agenda for the upcoming Board of Directors meeting will be posted in the Board of Directors library as well.