Building Committee

About the Building Committee


Who we are: The building committee is entrusted with the maintenance and upkeep of the Congregations' biggest investment, our Temple. The committee meets periodically to review the maintenance of the facility, check the building for problems, get estimates from tradespeople, and follow up to be sure necessary work is done properly. The majority of our budget goes to pay for the building so it is in our best interest to be sure it is properly maintained.

Often, other committees will pass proposals to the building committee for comment. In these cases, the committee reviews these proposals with the following criteria in mind:

* Will it be easy to use, by staff and visitors.
* Will it be costly to maintain?
* Will it be long lasting
* What are the safety concerns?
* Are there any code violations?

When we meet: Second Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m.

Committee openings: Members needed

Did you know: New members are always needed and welcome, especially those who are handy or have knowledge of the building industry.