Congregation B’nai Shalom Memorial Book

The High Holy Days are fast approaching. This is a season that calls to us to return: to an inner sense of centeredness; to the highest paths that we aspire to walk down; and to each other in the context of community. It is also a time that we remember where we have come from, as we remember those who have nurtured and loved us.

The Jewish year, 5778, marks the twenty-sixth year that Congregation B’nai Shalom has published a Memorial Book. The book will be distributed on Yom Kippur afternoon for the Yizkor (memorial) service. The names of your loved ones who have passed away since last Yom Kippur will be read during the service. The names of your loved ones who have died in earlier years also come to mind. Their memories are a blessing that sustains us. May their memory strengthen our community as part of their legacy.

Our Memorial Book allows you to place listings to honor the memory of all your loved ones. Please take a minute to fill out the form below to list your loved ones in the Yom Kippur Memorial Book.  I invite you to take this opportunity to remember the ones who have gone before us.   Online signup has ended as of Monday, Sept. 18th. Please contact the Temple office with any questions.