Erev Sukkot Family Celebration and Adult Celebration and Special Guest Speaker

We were once strangers: why Refugees are a Jewish issue

5:45pm Family Sukkot Celebration  

6:15pm Family Sukkot Dinner – Click Here to RSVP

7:00 pm Adult/Teen Sukkot Celebration  

7:30 pm Adult/Teen Dinner and Program: We were once strangers: why Refugees are a Jewish issue – Click Here to RSVP for Dinner

With guest speaker, Lisa Brennan, the Program Director for Ascentria for Massachusetts


As Jews, we have long known the experience of leaving our homes through our historical experiences. After the destruction of the second temple, the C11th expulsion from England, the C15th expulsion from Spain and Portugal, the escape from Pogroms in Eastern Europe in the late C19th and early C20th and the desperate attempts to escape Hitler in the 1930s and ‘40s, to name just a few. Today, refugees are seeking a place to escape terrible warfare, starvation, and persecution. How do we respond? What can we do locally to help those who are accepted as refugees into the USA to succeed as they work to build new lives?  Liz Brennan will be joining us from Ascentria, the agency that receives and provides services for refugees who, upon arrival in the US, are placed in Worcester and Central MA. Join us for this Social Action program that will inform, educate, and inspire.