Life and Legacy

Mazel Tov! It’s time to celebrate. Congregation B’nai Shalom has hit the first of its milestones for the Life & Legacy Program, which is our program that we kicked off last year along with the Grinspoon Foundation and the Jewish Federation of Central Massachusetts. Our Life & Legacy program is helping us to build a future financial foundation for the congregation. Through this program, we are asking for your consideration to make a legacy commitment to Congregation B’nai Shalom — which may be designating a portion of your IRA or naming the congregation as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy.
We have our first eighteen commitments and therefore have met our formal target for the first year of the program — although we would like to reach twenty-five for the first year of our program.
I would like to thank Marvin Silver, Esq., and Adam Sachs, CFP, who led a brotherhood breakfast presentation for the congregation in December, educating us on issues related to estate and financial planning. If you would like a copy of the presentation materials, please email Steve Winer at And many thanks to Jim Wilner and the Brotherhood for extending the invitation to lead that Brotherhood breakfast session.
Sidenote: One interesting fact Marvin presented for those of you with children over the age of eighteen who are leaving for college or living independently — because of the healthcare privacy laws, you should ask your young adult to sign a health care proxy. In a situation where your child is in an accident, your child’s physicians will not be able to discuss his/her condition with you without one.
In regards to Life & Legacy, by reaching our first eighteen commitments, we receive our initial seed money of $1800 back from the program. We also receive an incentive grant of $5000. This will help us with future programming — and as we look toward our 40th year anniversary of Congregation B’nai Shalom — and ongoing fundraising planning efforts.
If you have questions about Life & Legacy, please contact me, Steve Winer, or Adam Sachs at To obtain a copy of the Life & Legacy commitment form, please download it at
A Bomb Cyclone of a Thank You
At the time of this writing, we have dried out the carpets and have started removing drywall to replace the damage throughout the building. We’ve had water damage mitigation professionals through and the insurance providers working on the claims. Through it all, Steve Winer has been there — until 3 am one morning while water was being drained from the main lobby hall and the temple offices, and then again early the next (same) day. Steve has been working tirelessly to make sure that the damage to the building is minimized, our books, artifacts, and supplies are moved out of the construction zones, and that the restoration work is planned in a way to minimize disruption to our activities and classrooms.
I owe a super huge thank you to Steve. He’s been on top of the issues and calling on professionals to get ahead of the next steps in the process. I know that we’ll be asking a few of you with expertise in this area to lend yours as we think through any long-term mitigation plans for building maintenance. In the meantime, if you see Steve, please give him a hearty thank you!