The library is open at all times unless there is a meeting in the room. We have a self service library and ask that you follow some simple rules.  

1) If you take books off the shelf, and do not take them with you, then please leave them on the Library desk. The Librarians will re-shelve them.  This will ensure that they are shelved properly.  Please do not leave the books on tables.
2) Instructions for taking out books are on the desk. Write the due date, your full name and phone number (please print legibly) on the card and put it in the front of the card box on the desk.  Then write the due date on the card pocket in the back of the book. 
3) We still have a large number of missing books. If we have to replace missing books it is that much less money we have to purchase new ones. Please take a look around your home, in your child's back pack, and yes, evening your car for lost books.  If you should find any, just leave them on the Library desk.
4) We now have CDs in the library available to be taken out.  The procedures for taking out CDs is also posted in the library.  If you wish to listen to CDs in the Library while you are waiting you will need to have a portable CD player. 
5) Lastly, if you will be making a donation to the temple in the near future, please consider the Library Fund. The monies in this fund are used for increasing our collections of books and CDs.

If you are interested in helping out at the library, reading to the children or serving on the Library Committee please contact .


If you wish to donate a book in honor of a birthday or simcha, or in memory of a loved one, please contact