President's Message: November 2015

Kathy Rosenblum
Kathy Rosenblum

From the President

Although the High Holy Days are now behind us, I want to share how nice it was to hear so much positive feedback about our new prayer book – Mishkan HaNefesh. There were many comments about the warm and inclusive tone, the accessibility and ease of use, and the depth of reflective and poetic readings. Volunteer readers were able to choose from multiple selections, and the congregation was given opportunities to individually explore the varied prayers, poems, and reflections during the services. A number of people have asked about purchasing a personal set of prayer books. There will be an opportunity to do that for those who are interested.

It was also lovely to be joined this year by our newest members and their families, and to welcome many extended family members and guests of congregants. I hope that all congregants, and particularly the newer ones, will find ways over the coming year to become involved in the many programs, activities, and spiritual opportunities at CBS. This is a wonderful way to deepen your connection to the community. Feel free to try things out, we have a risk-free, no obligation policy.

In addition, I ask for everyone’s help enhancing the welcoming environment we have been working very hard to cultivate at CBS. Reach out to those you haven’t yet met or know only in passing, especially when you see someone who is alone. I think we’ve all experienced the feeling of being on the periphery, and the gratitude when someone approaches with a smile and extended hand.

It is also a blessing this year to have installed twelve beautifully hand-crafted quilt pieces depicting the Jewish holidays on the wall of the Sanctuary lobby. We extend our deepest appreciation to Marie Cotton for this exquisite gift to the congregation, which will be officially dedicated on the first night of Hanukkah. If you haven’t had a chance to appreciate the detail of these pieces, please check them out. I think you’ll be amazed by their beauty and intricacy.

Kathy Rosenblum