Rabbi Educator

As My Tenth Year Comes to a Close

As my tenth school year at Congregation B’nai Shalom comes to a close, I want to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have helped to make this year a strong year of learning, community, and growth.
It is clear to me, and to everyone who enrolls a child in our school, that the strength of this school is our faculty. They share their love of Judaism with our students –– passing on Jewish texts and traditions in innovative and exciting ways. Thank you to our wonderful teachers: Shelby Abrams, Jill Berson, Lyn Cron, Linda Duke, Lauren Epstein, Jamie Finn, Danielle Gilman, Sharon Goyette, Ellie Goldberg, Sharon Goldstein, Rabbi Rachel Gurevitz, Elyse Heise, Judy Janecek, Sarah Kasof, Lynn Kass, Rebecca Lewis, Barry Luftig, Debbi Morin, Cheryl Pouliot, Beth Spiegel, David Wesson, and Andrea Young.
An extra thank you to our Youth Educator Debbi Morin who consistently ensures that our class seminars and retreats are informative, fun, and safe, and that our youth programming is the best it can be. Thanks as well to Cheryl Pouliot, our Family Educator, who along with Debbi coordinated our madrichim program, this year adding educational sessions and special enhancements for our Chai School students.
My thanks as well to our madrichim who work in the classrooms as assistant teachers. They are leaders and role models for our younger students and inspire us with their energy and enthusiasm. Wishing them all good things, we thank: Andrew Alper, Liza Armstrong, Kendal August, Sullivan Barthel, Johannah Bessell, Sara Cayem, Kerry Cayem, Natalie Chace, Maximillian Cleveland, Sam Cleveland, Jacob Connors, Jacob Diamond, Eva Drotch, Ari Drotch, Anna Edgren, Jonah Epstein, Grete Feldman, Samantha Feldman, Ethan Freshman, Tom Fromer, Abigail Goldberg, Kaila Goldstein, Michael Greystone, Brett Harmon, Harrison Israel, Aaron Janecek, Ilana Lippold, Rachel Macklow, Mollie Macklow, Avery Manousos, Jordan Manousos, Emily Milnamow, Leah Mintz, Andrew Moore, Celia Nealon, Max Pfeiffer, Jared Penna, Zachary Pouliot, Peter Raider, Joel Rosen, Elan Rosen, Elyssa Rubin, Bekah Sager, Carly Schultz, Emily Schwartz, Jonah Schwartz, Bridget Sherman, Rebecca Sherr, Rachel Sherr, Hayley Shore, Maddison Skraly, Alex Sternburg, Hannah Swanick, Emma Swanick, Sarah Swanick, Jason Weinberg, Gavin Weinberg, and Jacob Weinstock.
Thank you to Rabbi Gurevitz, Allison Orenstein and Steve Winer and the entire Board of Directors who have partnered with me and supported our work and the program of the school every minute of every day.
My thanks to our B’nai Mitzvah tutors Lauren Epstein, Sharon Goldstein, and Debbi Morin who bring our students to the bimah prepared and confident, and to Lori Zembruski who makes sure that the teachers, students, and professional staff have what we need to accomplish our work. Thank you to Marsha Beals, Kair Tucker, and Ellen Jacobson for their support and tremendous organizational skills.
We are lucky at B’nai Shalom to have a group of lay leaders dedicated to Jewish Education. A big thank you to the YELL Committee, the Early Childhood Committee chaired by Marcia Hoffman, and to our VP of Education Lisa Chace for the many hours they have spent committed to improving student learning and supporting our school this year.
And finally, thank you to you –– our families –– for entrusting me and the members of our faculty and staff with your children’s Jewish education. Have a great summer and we’ll look forward to seeing you on opening day in the fall.