Tropical Gala on February 3

Looking to warm up your winter? Can you hope for Hawaii while helping us out closer to home? The Gala Committee needs a few more team members as we head into planning and execution mode.
This year’s gala is going to switch it up — we’re getting tropical. It will be cold outside on February 3, but we’re planning for “hot stuff” at the Verve – Crowne Plaza Hotel in Natick. We have a DJ to spin some tunes and drinks to keep you spinning some more. After taste-testing the offerings at the Verve, we know dinner will be divine. And, of course, we’ll have auction items that you will want to take home.
Before we roll out the sandy red carpet, our team will be hard at work planning that menu and collecting auction items. Can you help us out?
Donation go-getters: Do you frequent businesses in the Boroughs area? Let us know if you can ask service providers, restaurants, and businesses if they’d like to offer their services — we need more askers on the team.
Donation givers: Do you have tickets to a sporting or theatrical event that you’d like to offer to the cause? Are you willing to host a dinner or are you an organizer extraordinaire? These are some of our best auction items. Please support us with this year’s gala.
Planning team: Do you have time leading up to the gala to help us with behind-the-scenes organization? Some of these tasks can be done off-hours and by email. Some require elbow grease. If you can help, let us know.
Day-of: There are a number of roles for people to help on the day of the gala — from setting up, to greeting guests, to helping run the auction itself.
Robin Baer and Tracy Kaufman have a small team assembled but we need a few more hands to fill the roles above. Please let me know at how you can help. You can also email Robin ( and Tracy ( directly.