What is your story? Life & Legacy

Dear Friends,
What is your story? What is your legacy? In case you did not have the chance to hear me on Yom Kippur, we are in the first year of the Life & Legacy program. This program allows you to commit a legacy gift that will help provide for Congregation B’nai Shalom as part of your overall legacy.
A legacy gift makes a significant impact on the financial planning for our congregation. It may be a gift you make by designating a portion of your life insurance policy, your IRA or your 401K. The national director of the Life & Legacy program shared the story of a woman who named her synagogue as an additional “child” that would get a portion of the proceeds when her condo sold. She didn’t feel she had investments to leave and instead was creative in her legacy designation.
As part of our program, we do not need to know the amount to be gifted —  just that you plan to leave a legacy. It is the power of collective giving that provides us the financial security.
Making a legacy gift is something that is very personal. As you think about what you may want to support as part of your own legacy, I ask you to think about what is important to you about Congregation B’nai Shalom and why you may want to enable others years from now to experience the same.
For me and for David, our story is that this is the congregation where our first son read Torah, led the congregation, and gave a lovely D’var Torah about being brave enough to take a stand for what you feel is right. In three years, we get to do that again with our second. It is important that my boys have the education and the support to feel comfortable as part of our congregation and as Jewish citizens. We want to be sure that the next generation and the generation after that will also have that opportunity. That is why it was important for me and for David to make a legacy gift. That is our story.
What is yours?
Were you among the original families of Westborough who came together to find a Jewish community?
Did you pray at Charles Street?
Can you tell a story about building the new building? Or about building the new sanctuary?
Was your son or daughter named on our Bimah? How about your grandson or granddaughter?
Have you listened to your son or daughter sing about yummy in the tummy matzo balls after the religious school Seder?
Was your son or daughter consecrated at Congregation B’nai Shalom?
Is his or her picture on the Confirmation wall?
Have you joined the Rabbi on the Bimah for a blessing for your anniversary? David and I just celebrated 20. What about 30? Or 40? Or 50?
Every family has a story of what Jewish community and Congregation B’nai Shalom means to them. We will be reaching out to you over the course of the next two years to have a conversation about your story and how Congregation B’nai Shalom may fit into your legacy giving.
The Life & Legacy committee, Mike Manning, Adam Sachs, Steve Winer, and I, are aiming to double our current commitments from fourteen to twenty-eight by the end of program year one in February. If you are ready to have a conversation or just need to learn more, please let Steve Winer know, and a member of the committee can set a time to speak with you.

Allison Orenstein