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Our Celebration Continues

Support CBS Friday Night Lights!

Our sanctuary is an amazing space with its simple tranquility, natural light and openness complemented by the bursts of color from the ark doors. However, our ritual moments are a hodgepodge of non-matching, not in great shape ritual items. And,  in the sanctuary lobby, underneath a beautiful set of festival quilts that were gifted to us, is a bookshelf in need of replacement. We are also noticeably missing a bin for Kippot, and a rack for our Tallitot.

Help us invest in a set of ritual items, bookshelves and ritual item displays to make the foyer just outside the sanctuary as breathtaking as the sanctuary itself. We are calling the campaign "Friday Night Lights", and you can donate to this effort here.

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Festival Day is Coming, May 19th!

Stay tuned for more information about our May 19th Festival Day, with music, food trucks, and fun for all ages as we invite our members and our neighbors to celebrate with us to mark 40 years in the Boroughs Community!

Tue, March 26 2019 19 Adar II 5779