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Just One Thing

Thank you for volunteering to do Just One Thing at Congregation B’nai Shalom. Here are the descriptions of Just One Thing (or more) that you can do. 

Just indicate your interest on our Just One Thing form, and we'll reach out!

Oneg Host/Oneg Captain
Oneg literally means 'delight' and it is the term we use to describe the social time, gathered around food, that takes place every week after the Shabbat evening service. 

As an Oneg Host, you choose to be part of our Oneg Host Team. We are hoping that enough members will say 'yes' to the ask that team members will host no more than once a year. As an Oneg Host, you might bring some light refreshments (guidance is provided on what to bring) and help set up and put away food. Our custodial staff will take over the dishwashing and clean up at the end of the evening. Oneg Hosts usually arrive about 20-30 minutes before the service (approx. 6.15pm) to set up, and the Oneg usually winds down at about 8.20-8.30pm. An Oneg Captain will be present to provide guidance.

As an Oneg Captain, you will help set up and put food away and you provide guidance to Oneg Hosts. A simple training is provided so that you will know your way around our kitchen and pantry.  As an Oneg Captain, you will help out approximately 4 times per year. 

Security Team

We have partnered with the Community Security Service (CSS) to create and train a Security Team.  Your presence deters a potential incident by showing that as an organization, we are alert and have practices in place to thwart an attempted incident.  Team members complete an on line training program and an in-person training, and are then certified by CSS.

As a security team member, you will arrive a half hour prior to the start of the service and conduct an external sweep of the grounds and an internal scan of the synagogue. Once it is determined that the building is secure, you will stand near the entry as congregants arrive, remaining observant for anything that may appear out of the ordinary per training guidelines.  You will explain to people entering the building that we are asking them questions for security reasons. During the service, team members remain attentive to the surroundings.  They may choose to station themselves in the hallway so that they can remain observant but hear the service. At the conclusion of the service, team members will remain alert when congregants exit.

Greeter Team

As a Shabbat Greeter, a part of our Greeter Team, you will help Congregation B’nai Shalom members feel they belong to a welcoming spiritual community.  It’s fun! You will meet new members, see old friends, and have a warm and meaningful Shabbat experience.  You select dates that are convenient for you.  

All you have to do is arrive a bit early, hand out a prayer book, and offer a welcoming ‘Shabbat Shalom.’  At the conclusion of the service, you will collect the prayer books at the doorway and re-shelve them.

Adult Purim Party Team
We are currently building a Party Team to plan and put on a great Adult Purim Party on March 23.  Do you like to plan parties and events? Can you lend us the expertise you built planning your teenager’s bet mitzvah? This is the team for you.

Other Opportunities

We are building several more teams to help with other areas of synagogue life. If you would be interested in lending your skills to one of the following, please let us know and indicate your interest on the Just One Thing form.

Fundraising and Development 
Life & Legacy/Endowment 
Membership Engagement

Tue, December 5 2023 22 Kislev 5784