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From Our President 

Dear CBS Community,

I look forward to seeing all of you on the High Holy Days. The fall is a very busy season at Congregation B’nai Shalom with the High Holy Days, the beginning of religious school, and the annual starts to many of our clubs, committees, and activities. Please check the website and reach out to us if you have questions.

Religious School
Rabbi Joe’s Bulletin article this month does an excellent job of summarizing everything you need to know.
I grew up in a Conservative congregation with a very rigid three-days-a-week religious school schedule — Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays — which amounted to 71/2 hours a week. I have some great memories and I had a lot of good friends in the program, but I also recall how intense the curriculum and schedule were. Rabbi Joe and his team of educators and volunteers do an excellent job of putting together a program and curriculum that creates a great experience for our students and our families. They focus on making religious education a positive, fun, meaningful, and engaging experience. Rabbi Joe puts in a tremendous amount of time learning about programs run by his peers nationally so that we can continue to evolve our programming. Religious school will always be a commitment of both time and effort, but anything that is truly important like Judaism is worth the effort.

Before you roll into the parking lot for day one of religious school, please take a moment to think about why we make the effort and what it means to be Jewish. Think about what you want your children to take away from their experience — not just this year, or for their B’nai Mitzvah, but for life. It is often easy to grumble about what else we could be doing, but please remember our kids are listening, so if we are not positive about their religious school education, it makes it difficult for them to be enthusiastic. We are very lucky to have such an amazing religious school program that offers so many choices to our kids.

High Holy Days
I have received a lot of questions and feedback during my four plus years on the Board. I thought I would share a few questions and answers with you.

Q: Is there a single resource where I can look up information about the High Holy Days?
A: The High Holy Days pages are on our website at Also, you should have received your High Holy Days Bulletin. For any additional questions, please call or email the office.

Q: What service should I attend?
A: Rabbi Gurevitz will send out an email with details about the available services that will help you select the right service. We will add her guidance to the High Holy Days section of the website.

Q: Last year I forgot my name badge and the usher made me a new one. Why do we have to wear name badges?
A: There are several reasons for the name badges Traditionally most congregations have had seating cards or tickets. Name badges were implemented as a way of helping our community connect when we are all gathered together for the High Holy Days and other community events. We have had great feedback on the name badges from the congregants who have made personal connections. Please display your name badge. The name badges also confirm for our ushers, volunteers, and clergy that everyone in the building belongs in the building. We have an especially large crowd to manage on the High Holy Days.

Q: My in-laws are going to join us for services. Do I need to make any special arrangements?
A: We do need to know who will be attending services. Please visit to make arrangements for additional name badges, or call the temple office. We suggest a contribution of $180 per guest name badge. One of the great and unique things about B’nai Shalom is that we do not “sell” tickets to the High Holy Days and we will always have room in our congregation regardless of your financial situation. We do appreciate those who are able making a contribution of $180 or greater for their High Holy Days guest name badges. We are grateful for your contributions.

Q: What is the High Holy Day Appeal? Who contributes?
A: Every year on Yom Kippur, we kick off our High Holy Days Appeal. The B’nai Shalom High Holy Days Appeal is not only an investment in our spiritual home — it is an act of gratitude for the gifts it provides to us. The High Holy Day Appeal is an annual
opportunity to sustain and support B’nai Shalom by making a meaningful donation to its operating budget so that we can continue valuable programs for members of all ages. We encourage you to donate generously.

L’shalom, Rob Blumberg

Sun, September 23 2018 14 Tishrei 5779