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Rabbi Gurevitz' Upcoming Sabbatical

Rabbi Gurevitz will be on sabbatical from December 1, 2021, through February 28, 2022. This will be a time for spiritual replenishment and reconnection and she will be unavailable during this time.    The Rabbi will be available for the coming weeks of November for pastoral check-ins, and to answer any questions before her departure.
Below you will find answers to some of the questions you might have. If you have others at any time, please reach out to Executive Director Steve Winer at

FAQ About Rabbi Gurevitz' Sabbatical

Will I be able to contact Rabbi Gurevitz during her sabbatical?

Rabbi Gurevitz will be unavailable during her sabbatical to ensure that she has the opportunity for replenishment that she needs. Emails, phone messages and texts will not reach her during that time. Important communications that you wish her to receive will need to be resent after March 1.

Who will be covering for Rabbi Gurevitz in her absence?

Below we have detailed who the point person is for the variety of areas of congregational life that Rabbi Gurevitz usually oversees. You will note that several areas will be attended to by Rabbi Eiduson. He, in turn, has the additional support of our Youth Educator, Debbi Morin, and our Family Educator, Cheryl Pouliot, in addition to others mentioned below, to ensure that the needs of the School and Youth dept. as well as additional needs continue to be met.

Who will be leading Shabbat Services?

Our Shabbat services will be led by Rabbi Eiduson and Cantorial Soloists Sharon Brown Goldstein and Lisa Marcus Jones. On several weeks, lay leaders will be joining with our soloists. We are taking this opportunity to bring you engaging stories and reflections from members of our congregation and, for those who attend in-person, opportunities to connect with each other in a number of ways. All services will continue to be live-streamed and shared on Facebook Live too. When winter weather interferes, services will be moved to Zoom and Livestream and information will be shared with the congregation.

How will students be prepared for B’nai Mitzvah?

Rabbi Eiduson will be leading the two services that are taking place during Rabbi Gurevitz’ sabbatical. Additionally, he will be meeting with students who are celebrating in March through early May to prepare them in the study and writing of their divrei Torah and some rehearsals. He will be available to answer all questions from parents of our upcoming B’nai Mitzvah until Rabbi Gurevitz’ return.

Who will be leading weekly Torah and Tefilah?

From December through the end February, our weekly Saturday morning Torah and Tefilah for all members of the congregation will be moving to the later time of 9-10:30am and will be on zoom only. Rabbi Gurevitz has lined up a number of guest rabbis who will be joining us to lead on many weeks. Some weeks will be led by regular attendees.

Who will I contact if someone is ill or has died, or if I need to speak with a Rabbi?

Rabbi Eiduson will be your first point of contact for all rabbinic and pastoral needs. He can be reached at and at 508-366-7191 x204. While the majority of Rabbi Eiduson’s focus over the past 15 years has been on our school and youth, Rabbi Eiduson has over 35 years of congregational life experience and has served both in a part-time and full-time capacity as a pulpit and pastoral Rabbi for his entire career.

Additionally, we have prepared for this upcoming sabbatical by providing additional training to our Cantorial Soloists, Sharon Brown Goldstein and Lisa Marcus Jones. Both have completed courses in Clinical Pastoral Education at Hebrew Senior Life and have experience in leading funeral and shiva services. Rabbi Eiduson may assign some follow-up or ritual needs to Sharon or Lisa, as needed. Some shiva services may also be led by our trained lay leaders, as has been long-standing practice in our congregation, when clergy or soloists are not available. Rabbi Eiduson will be coordinating these teams, as needed.

Who do I contact if I need caring support, such as meals or help with transportation following hospitalization or illness, or I need emergency financial support?

Rabbi Eiduson will be your first point of contact for these needs. He can be reached at and at 508-366-7191 x204. He will reach out to the core CBS Cares team members and one of them will follow up with assistance such as meals or transportation. Several years ago we created a system where our entire congregation is now our 'caring committee.' From time to time you may see a CBS Cares email that is targeted at members living in specific towns when we need a small group of helpers to provide meals or transportation for a member who lives in the same area.

Who will I call for other questions about programs, activities, or support?

Steve Winer, our Executive Director, will be your point of contact for all other questions, or for when you are not sure who to call. He will ensure that you are directed to the right person who can help you. Steve can be reached at or on 508-366-7191 x202.

Thu, December 2 2021 28 Kislev 5782