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Fund List

Abby Brown Education These monies are used for special projects and materials within the school such as films and records, speakers and field trips.

Adult Education Funds donated will be used for Adult Education Programs and leadership training.

Arts Funds donated will be used to purchase and display artwork to beautify the synagogue.
Building Improvement and Security Fund These monies are for special maintenance, security, repairs, furniture, and other projects around the building as well as security improvements.
Early Childhood These monies are used for Early Childhood Programming.
General These monies are used to support the congregation’s current budget.
Jennifer Lee Levine Memorial Youth Monies from this fund will benefit the preteen and teen members of the congregation including financial aid to attend retreats or Reform camp programs.
Landscape Improvement Monies from this fund will be used for landscape improvements.
Library These monies are used to purchase books for children and adults for our circulating library.
Lisa Elaine Feingold Memorial These monies are used for the annual children’s Chanukah celebration and for media or special cultural projects to
benefit the Pre-school, Kindergarten or 1st Grade students of the Congregation.
Music These funds are used to augment the congregation’s musical programs.
Rabbi Debra R. Hachen Caring Fund These monies are used to offer emergency assistance to congregants in times of need.
Rabbi’s Discretionary These monies are used by the rabbi for Tzedakah (charity) and special projects.
Rabbi Educator’s Discretionary These monies are used by the Rabbi Educator for Tzedakah (charity) & special projects.
Prayer Book and Ritual Fund These monies are used to purchase and maintain items needed in the sanctuary or for religious observance, including prayer books, Torah scrolls, and other ritual needs.
Social Action Monies accumulated in this fund will be given as donations to selected non-profits – determined by the Social Action Committee – in the name of Cong. B’nai Shalom. A certain portion may be used for speakers or marketing materials to better educate the congregation community on causes we are supporting.
Steve Meltzer Youth Summer Camp Scholarship These monies are used to help defray some of the costs of attending non-profit Jewish summer camp programs.
Yad b’Yad These monies are used by the Yad b’Yad committee in their role of preparing and delivering meals to congregants who are ill or caring for an extended family member; making friendly visits to congregants with various needs; sending cards to cheer up or congratulate.
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