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Bet Mitzvah

Mazal Tov on your child becoming Bet Mitzvah! 

This is an incredibly special time in the life of your family and we are honored to celebrate with you.  Congregation B'nai Shalom is proud to provide personal support and care for every family in crafting a meaningful Bet Mitzvah experience. In recent years, existing terms for the Jewish coming-of-age ceremony—commonly referred to as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in singular, B’nei or B’not mitzvah in plural—have come to seem inadequate due to their gendered nature.

We wanted to find a term inclusive of all gender identities and gender expressions that honored the Hebrew language in its usage and meaning and a term that used familiar or existing language to be understandable, useable, and “sticky” (i.e., it would be inclined to be used). Bet Mitzvah best reflected our determinants of inclusivity, honoring Hebrew, and using a familiar or existing language.

Please note that the information below may be subject to change. We will of course, make every effort to keep our Bet Mitzvah families updated on any changes which might affect your child's Simcha.

All Bet Mitzvah are available via our live stream at

CLICK HERE for the Bet Mitzvah Handbook!

Click Link for Family Handbook 2023-2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for streaming the service for those who can't attend in person?

Congregation B'nai Shalom offers various options for families celebrating their child becoming a Bet Mitzvah. Over the past two years, we have significantly upgraded our audio and video capabilities. We now can provide all families with video streaming of the service, with enhanced video production and recording available as options. 

Full details of our video offerings are available at Bet Mitzvah Video Options.

How will our friends and family attend the service?

Whether in person or live stream, we guide everyone on being active congregants at the service. Everyone contributes to the energy of the experience by praying together, wherever they are. The live stream recording is also available for viewing and sharing following the ceremony.

Can we take photographs before the service?

Photographers and videographers are not permitted during the service itself. However, CBS does have a variety of video services available. You can read about the options here: Video Options and Order Form. Photographs are permitted before the service. For single Bet Mitzvah, interior pictures, including those with the Torah, can be taken from 9:00 am when the Temple opens to 9:45 am when the Rabbi begins the family briefing. Shared Bet Mitzvah families will receive specific information. 

Do I need to provide Kippot?

You may order Kippot to to be used for your child’s Bet Mitzvah. Bring them to the Temple Office during the week of the service. If you do not choose to do so, the ushers will put out the synagogue’s collection for use by your attendees. 

What other options are available to make the day special?

Many families opt to rent our beautiful silk flower arrangements for the bimah. Families find the $180 donation to our landscaping fund to be less expensive and a more 'green' alternative to providing bouquets of live flowers.

In addition, there are ways to honor your child at this special moment. Leaves are available on our lobby Tree of Life, as well as marking the milestone by dedicating a prayerbook to honor the event. Information on these options will be sent to you, and are also available here -  Bet Mitzvah Information and Payment Form (updated January 25, 2022)

Will there be a rehearsal?

Yes! Our schedule of rehearsals with Sharon Brown Goldstein, Lisa Marcus, and Rabbi Gurevitz remains unchanged. The final rehearsal is on the Wednesday afternoon before the service and takes place in person in our sanctuary.

Can you recommend a vendor for Photography, DJ, and Venue?

The CBS B’nai Mitzvah Parents Facebook page is a wonderful resource for recommendations from parents in our congregation. You can join the CBS B’nai Mitzvah Parents Facebook group by going to the main CBS Facebook page and asking to join. 

How will my child do?

Our Shabbat morning service remains a meaningful occasion for our students to demonstrate their learning of Jewish ritual and for us to bless them on the next step of their journey. We have found that families have brought additional ideas into our service rituals because it provided a space for creativity, and the services have become more meaningful as a result.

Bet Mitzvah Audio

Friday Night Kiddush (Part 1)

Friday Night Kiddush (Part 2)

Torah Blessing 1

Torah Blessing 2

Haftarah Blessing

Blessing After Haftarah (1)

Blessing After Haftarah (2)

Blessing After Haftarah (3)

Chatzi Kaddish


Ma'ariv Aravim (Evening)

Yotzeir Or (Morning)

Ahava Rabah (Morning)



Avot V'Imahot


Kedusha (Evening)

Don't Take Our Word for it - Here Are Some Quotes From Parents and Attendees

"Thanks for including me in your Bat Mitzvah. It was such a wonderful service with the perfect balance of gravity and humor, teaching and learning, leading and sharing. I loved that it started with gratitude and the readings really spoke to me, even as a non-Jewish, non-religious person. I appreciated and was moved by them all. So fitting for today, and I guess for all times." 

"Yesterday was really terrific.  Although we attend our weekly Zoom service and lots of Zoom meetings I wasn't quite sure how this was going to work. It was an amazingly smooth, coordinated service and Lilly truly rocks"

"You, Joe, Lisa and Sharon have always led beautiful, spiritual services. But with the current state of affairs, being able to merge that with the ability to utilize technology to provide a smooth, coordinated service emphasizes how lucky our congregation is to have the four of you as our clergy."

From a Parent: "I just wanted to thank you, not only for today,  but for all that you have done leading up to this day.   It’s been quite the journey for all the families who had postponements and you really made certain that it was a special day despite the circumstances.   We really appreciate all that you did for us."

Tue, May 28 2024 20 Iyar 5784