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Scenes From Our Religious School 5782


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Temple Hours and How to Reach Us!

The CBS Office will be staffed Tuesday - Friday 9am - 2pm, as well as during Religious School hours. Please call our main number (508-366-7191) to speak with someone or to leave a voicemail for our staff. Staff is notified when a voicemail is received.


Rabbi Gurevitz

Message from Rabbi Gurevitz

Rabbis and their lay leadership all over the country have been navigating a very stressful month in the lead-up to Rosh Hashanah this year. In some ways, last year was simpler – we all understood that the only responsible option was to deliver almost everything we usually do for the High Holy Days online. Our congregation was among some that were determined to innovate where we could, especially to provide options for children that were not screen-dependent. But we knew what we were facing and had months to plan for it. There was even something energizing about the project of reinvention and redesign to meet the moment.

Rabbi Eiduson

We are so excited to welcome you all back to our Eitz Chayim Sunday Religious School program! The FIRST REGULAR DAY OF EITZ CHAYIM SUNDAY CLASSES for all students in grades Pre-Kindergarten - 5 is Sunday, September 12th.  Classes meet from 8:30 AM – 11:00 AM!

4th & 5th grade Hebrew and 6th Grade Gesher classes begin on Tuesday, September 21 and continue Wednesday, September 22.

Chai School (for students in grades 7 – 12) opens on Tuesday, September 21st

Temple President

Message from Steven

This time of year marks some significant annual milestones in the life of our congregation. 
This year, we had to do things a little differently — ok, a lot differently — and that was not all a bad thing. It forced us to become even more creative, to understand more clearly what mattered to congregants, and how to meet those needs in new ways. It gave us the freedom and opportunity to try things we never would have otherwise undertaken: Shabbat at home, online school, Shabbat in the Lot, experiential outdoor programs, online High Holy Day services, Zoom shiva minyans, virtual choirs, student multi-media presentations, and on and on. 

Mon, October 25 2021 19 Cheshvan 5782