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Support CBS Friday Night Lights!

Our sanctuary is an amazing space with its simple tranquility, natural light and openness complemented by the bursts of color from the ark doors. However, our ritual moments are a hodgepodge of non-matching, not in great shape ritual items. And,  in the sanctuary lobby, underneath a beautiful set of festival quilts that were gifted to us, is a bookshelf in need of replacement. We are also noticeably missing a bin for Kippot, and a rack for our Tallitot.

Help us invest in a set of ritual items, bookshelves and ritual item displays to make the foyer just outside the sanctuary as breathtaking as the sanctuary itself. We are calling the campaign "Friday Night Lights", and you can donate to this effort here.

Sign up for one of our Social Groups! 

 We have lots of groups for people with lots of varied interests. Maybe you’re new to the area… or maybe you already have friends to watch a movie with, but are looking for people to go on day trips or to dinner with. It’s easy to find others with a common interest when you are part of a big community. CBS Social Groups are interest groups where anyone can suggest or plan a gathering and invite others who have expressed similar interests through our CBS social club emails. Check out the list and sign up here!




Rabbi Gurevitz

A Message from Rabbi Gurevitz

Counting our Blessings

Every Shabbat morning that we celebrate a bar or bat mitzvah, I have an opportunity to call attention to some of the central themes of the service. Every Jewish morning service begins with blessings of gratitude. It begins with gratitude for the so-often-taken-for-granted, like a body that is functioning and enabling us to move, breathe, and therefore rise to do all of the things we hope that our day will be filled with.

Rabbi Eiduson

A Message from Rabbi Eiduson

I am often asked – “so with no students around, what do you do all summer?”  The answer: “Get ready for September!”  We are preparing for the coming school year, designing new curriculum, hiring faculty, meeting with teachers, cleaning out the classrooms and restocking for the fall, updating registration and planning every detail for the coming school year.

Temple President

A Message from Rob

Welcome to summer!

I would like to share a few thank yous and updates with you.

Wed, August 21 2019 20 Av 5779