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                            Welcome – בְּרוּכִים הַבָּאִים

A Jewish education is one of your most precious gifts to give your child.  From Judaism, they will gain faith to sustain them in times of trouble and find a community to celebrate life’s successes.  Judaism will add meaning and depth to their lives and root their actions in values. Starting in Pre-Kindergarten, our students will build the foundation to help them grow to be literate and confident Jewish adults who find meaning in their identity and their tradition. The earlier they start to learn, the stronger their knowledge and connection to Judaism will be!


Family Handbook 2023-2024

Bet Mitzvah Handbook




Shabbat and the Jewish holidays provide a framework to experience holiness in the flow of time. Each holiday celebration's traditions and Mitzvot connect our students to God, the Torah, and the People of Israel.


Each Jewish voice can find deep meaning and purpose through engagement in Jewish life and community. Jewish responsibility to make the world whole lies in each person’s talents, as it is written in the Torah that each person was created, B’tzelem Elohim, in the image of God.


The Torah provides the origin story and purpose of the Jewish People and inspires the holiness of our connection with God. Lifelong learning of the Torah and Jewish texts fuels the Jewish People’s mission to partner with God through our deeds and actions.


Prayer is the mode and language that can help deepen our students' relationships with God and their spiritual selves. 


Israel is the Jewish homeland and part of Judaism’s history, past and present.

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Hebrew Learning - Kindergarten - Bet Mitzvah!

Our goal is to integrate Hebrew into every aspect of our program. Starting in kindergarten with Hebrew Through Movement through an intensive Bet Mitzvah preparation, students will learn modern Hebrew and Hebrew used in prayers. Students will feel well prepared for their Bet Mitzvah and can use this knowledge throughout their lives.

Shalom and welcome to עִבְרִית בִּתְנוּעָה, or “Hebrew through Movement,” a language acquisition strategy in which students learn Hebrew by hearing and responding to Hebrew commands. Hebrew through Movement is an adaptation of James J. Asher’s Total Physical Response (TPR).  Hebrew Through Movement is used in Jewish congregations, day schools, camps, early childhood programs, and other settings.  HTM does not teach communicative Hebrew, but students can quickly move on to other Hebrew forms!
Hebrew Through Movement introduces Hebrew in a playful and meaningful way, creating a positive first link between children and Hebrew. The latest brain research on learning supports Hebrew Through Movement (HTM), providing an aural foundation for Hebrew that opens the door to more facile Hebrew decoding and reading. We hope you will enjoy this program and be pleased with how happily and productively your children learn. 

Jewish Learning Comes To Life
Both In And Out Of The Classroom


Building relationships in the Jewish community helps our students and families feel connected and part of something greater. Participation in services and community-wide celebrations brings Judaism to life. We love bringing the whole community together to live a Jewish life.


The family is the most critical influence on Jewish identity development. Whole family learning fosters Jewish life in the home. On certain days throughout the year, families are invited to join their students for a shared experience, learning from our teachers, clergy, and one another. 


Judaism in action shows how Jewish values are enacted daily. Sharing holidays in public spaces, helping the community through social action, or participating in Shabbat and holiday services all bring Judaism to life.

Financial Need

We are determined to assist families with 2023-2024 tuition, recognizing the hardship the unstable economy has placed on so many. We are committed to helping our community, and in this ever-changing landscape, we must provide our children with stability. If you need assistance with tuition, don't hesitate to contact our Executive Director, Steve Winer.

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