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Welcome – בְּרוּכִים הַבָּאִים

A Jewish education is one of the most precious gifts you will give your child.  From Judaism they will gain faith to sustain them in times of trouble and they will find a community in which to celebrate life’s successes.  Judaism will add meaning and depth to their lives and root their actions in values.


Religious School Online

After spending our Spring and Summer researching and speaking with experts in the fields of educational technology, doctors, psychologists and Jewish educators, we’ve designed learning that will speak to what our students are encountering now and is organized in a way that responds to what they have to say.  Throughout the year, we will continue to develop the curriculum based upon their ideas thus making them feel seen, heard and valued.  

As we know that at least part of the year will be online, we’ve taken our gleanings from this past Spring to help us create a dynamic, connective, and fun curriculum with engaging lessons utilizing educational tech programs that support interactive experiential learning, guest speakers and artists, community building exercises, small group projects, brain breaks, movement breaks, mindfulness moments and more.   We will also find ways to keep students and families connected and excited about our program through a new La-B'riyut program and pop up in-person events when we can ensure everyone’s safety and provide a stellar experience.  

On Sundays, this year, we will offer two seventy-five-minute online morning sessions for our students in grades Pre-Kindergarten – 5.  On Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays we will offer online Hebrew instruction to our 4th and 5th graders.

All classes will be live and taught by CBS faculty. Students will be able to interact with their teachers and classmates during class and for students grade 3 and above, individually during expanded office hours. 

Financial Need

We are determined to assist families with 2020-2021 tuition, recognizing the hardship the pandemic crisis has placed on so many. We are committed to helping our community and, in this ever-changing landscape, it is crucial that we provide our children with stability. If you need tuition assistance due to COVID-19, please contact our Executive Director, Steve Winer

Shabbat Services!
                • Gezah Shabbat – Friday, January 15 6:45
                • Shoresh & PK Shabbat – Friday, February 5 6:45
                • Anaf Shabbat – Friday March 5 6:45
                • Gesher Shabbat – Friday, April 2 6:45
                • Sr. Recognition Shabbat – Friday, May 7 6:45




Click HERE for Shoresh - Grades K & 1




Click HERE for Gezah - Grades 2 & 3




Click HERE for Anaf - Grades 4 & 5



Click HERE for Gesher - Grade 6

Mon, May 17 2021 6 Sivan 5781