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Learning at Congregation B'nai Shalom

Religious School Online

After spending our Spring and Summer researching and speaking with experts in the fields of educational technology, doctors, psychologists and Jewish educators, we’ve designed learning that will speak to what our students are encountering now and is organized in a way that responds to what they have to say.  Throughout the year, we will continue to develop the curriculum based upon their ideas thus making them feel seen, heard and valued.  

As we now know that the year will be online, we’ve taken our gleanings from this past Spring to help us create a dynamic, connective, and fun curriculum with engaging lessons utilizing educational tech programs that support interactive experiential learning, guest speakers and artists, community building exercises, small group projects, brain breaks, movement breaks, mindfulness moments and more.   We will also find ways to keep students and families connected and excited about our program through at-home La-B'riyut materials and pop up in-person events when we can ensure everyone’s safety and provide an engaging experience.  

Sat, July 24 2021 15 Av 5781