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WAFTY 9 - 12

Welcome to 
Sr. WAFTY (Grades 9–12)

Socialize, learn, & share in a friendly, Jewish atmosphere! Through Sr. WAFTY, members participate in a variety of special programs: extreme bowling, dinner and discussion series, Hanukkah party, a regional Shul-in sleepover that WAFTY hosts, community service projects, and an annual Creative Shabbat Service. A student board of current WAFTY members along with the Youth Adviser develop programs to make for some very exciting events.


WAFTY is also a member of NFTY (North American  Federation of Temple Youth), the youth division of the URJ. NFTY-NE (Northeast) is our parent organization and is made up of over seventy other Temple youth groups from the New England area. WAFTY takes part in monthly NFTY-NE programs including week-long institutes, weekend conclavettes and regional dances hosted by other congregations. NFTY-NE events are a great place for students to meet other Jewish teenagers or reconnect with camp friends.


  • President-Jack Bedar

    MCVP-Alison Hojlo

    Co-PVP-Hayden Orenstein and Eve Roiter

    Co-SAVP-Charlotte Roiter and Shayna Koss

    RCVP-Mari Fellenbaum

    Secretary-Talia Bedar

    Treasurer-Casey Bruck

    NFTY Rep-Ben Schanzer

    Class Reps- Ellie King, Ashley Sachs, Lila Goldberg, and Abby Weinstock

Fri, March 24 2023 2 Nisan 5783