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The Story of Our New Logo

Here’s how our new logo celebrates the origins and future of our congregation.

Blue Star:  Our original logo, the outline of a blue star, has been restored in our new logo which connects us to our history.

Ark: Our Ark, with its varied colors and textures, represents the fabric of our diverse community and is a recognizable image to all who have ever stepped into our sanctuary.

Eternal Flame:  The Ner Tamid (everlasting light) remains the symbol of the spiritual heart or flame of the Jewish people. The heart of our congregation has always been its community – you!

Our new logo represents our diverse community; coming from different Jewish backgrounds, welcoming those who grew up in different religious or cultural traditions, offering a spiritual home to all regardless of ethnic background, sexual, or gender identity.  We are committed to enabling all who seek community to belong, regardless of financial means.  

Our gratitude to our logo designer, Mary-Lynne Bohn, and to our Cantorial Soloist, Lisa Marcus Jones, upon whose initial designs Mary-Lynne based the final image.

Many thanks to the members of the 40th Anniversary marketing team for overseeing this project: Adam King, Kristen Vincent, Lisa Chace, Shari Bedar, Lev Gerlovin, and Jane Keller-Gordon.

As always, we appreciate the Board of Directors, Rabbi Joe Eiduson, Rabbi Rachel Gurevitz, and Executive Director Steve Winer for their support and guidance in planning for this momentous year.


Mon, April 22 2019 17 Nisan 5779